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Digital Marketing Docs (DMD) is a Digital Marketing Agency located in Edmonton, AB, Canada. The DMD team consists of highly experienced Digital Marketing professionals who are committed to monitoring and optimizing all your Digital Marketing vitals:
The Docs are informed and up to date with the latest and greatest Digital Marketing trends which are essential for keeping your business at the forefront of your Target Market. We are the best Digital Marketing agency around and we strive to continually be the number one. We pride ourselves in the ability to keep our clients ahead of their competition by implementing leading Digital Marketing strategies that ensure optimal branding and the greatest return on investment! The Docs are eager and committed to ensuring your Digital Marketing vitals are forever optimal!

The DMD Process

In the initial phase of the DMD process, we thoroughly probe our clients through a comprehensive set of targeted and value-added questionnaires which have been scientifically designed by our DMD team. This “Triage” process will allow the DMD team to accurately devise the Digital Marketing strategy in the next step of the DMD Process.

In the second step of the DMD Process, we devise a strategy based on the results of the “Triage”. This strategy will be the guideline and road map for the overall Digital Marketing plan.

Once the Digital Marketing Strategy has been developed and agreed upon between the client and the DMD team, we begin to develop the infrastructure such as your Website, Social Media platforms (ie. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) and graphic design.

Once progress has been established during the “Develop” phase, the DMD team begins to optimize by reviewing the infrastructure developed and refining accordingly based on feedback collected from the client, until final satisfaction has been met.

Once final satisfaction has been met by all concerned parties during the “optimize” phase, the website and social media platforms (ie. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin) will be published online for the public to view.

After the website and social media platforms (ie. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin) have been published, the DMD team will begin implementing the promotion strategy (ie. Search Engine Optimization SEO, Social Engine Marketing SEM, and Social Media Marketing SMM) as per the Digital Marketing Strategy developed in phase 2.

The DMD team uses the latest and greatest technology and tracking tools to track and monitor progress and effectiveness of the SEO, SEM and SMM implementation.

Based on the results from the “Track” phase of the DMD Process, the DMD team will refine and adjust the Digital Marketing efforts accordingly as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and providing the best Digital Marketing results!

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