Graphic Design

Logo Design

Our team at DMD understands that the most important aspect that serves as a foundation for a powerful brand is a company’s logo, which is why our team is highly experienced with the latest and greatest skills and programs to ensure that your logo is shown as a powerful representation of what your company stands for. We work very closely with your team to intimately understand your business philosophy in order to develop a logo that’s best suited to represent you and your business. Whether you are an existing brand, or simply a new brand hoping to appeal to a specific market, we are confident that your custom logo will attract and attain your client’s attention.
Edmonton Website Design
Edmonton Website Design


Creating a unique and distinct brand for your business is essential in order to stand out amongst your competition. The Digital Marketing Docs fully understand this crucial element of your business and have the tools, skills and creativity to help you create your unique brand through all aspects of your business including but not limited to: Logo Design, Social Media Design, Flyer/ Brochure Design as well as Banner and Advertisement Design. We carefully help you select the appropriate color schemes, shapes, sizes and all other important elements related to creating a unique brand for your business.

Banner/ Advertisement Design

Putting together a unique and impactful banner or advert can be challenging if it's not your primary line of business. That’s why you can rely on the Digital Marketing Docs to handle all your banner and advertisement designs. Whether be it a website banner or a Google Ad, you can count on DMD!
Edmonton Website Design
Edmonton Website Design

Flyer and Brochure Design

Whether you have a promotional flyer for your restaurant business or a corporate company brochure for your firm, we will take care of all your design needs. The Digital Marketing Docs are eager and enthusiastic when it comes to helping you define and promote your business

Social Media Design

Focus on your core business and leave the rest to DMD! Our team is equipped with highly skilled Social Media professionals who will take care of the extra workload for you. We will take care of the set up and design of all your social media platforms allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
Edmonton Website Design


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