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The Negative Effect of Buying followers on Social Media in Edmonton

It may sound easy starting up a new Social Media account and assuming you’re automatically going to gain your desired number of followers immediately. But reality is, gaining true followers is HARD work! The ones who do it best and most effectively are Digital Marketers (especially in Edmonton!), because they are experts who are informed on proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) in order to organically gain the right followers for your business.  Consistency is the key to success when your main goal is to attract more people to your profile, so if you don’t really have the time to constantly post, your best luck is to hire the best Digital Marketing agency in Edmonton (DMD).

But you’d be surprised to know how many users waste their money on fake followers rather than spending that money on one of us, the DMD team.  The main reason why users choose to do so is to increase their follower count immediately. But truth is, buying followers is NOT the best idea for a business in Edmonton to do when trying to start up a Social Media account. There are many reasons as to why payed followers negatively affect a business’s brand, so let’s list a few:

The Main Reasons

The first reason (and most obvious), is that fake followers can’t engage with anyone. This means no additional likes, no additional shares, and no additional comments received from them on your profile. So the only way they’re “benefiting” you is by making your follower count seem bigger. But what some people don’t know is that Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook “shadow ban” accounts who have inactivity from their followers, meaning their accounts no longer become open to the public.

Another reason why businesses in Edmonton should not buy fake followers is because it simply does not look good on their profiles. It’s obvious when an account has fake followers when there is very limited activity on posts. If an account has 30k followers and only 20 likes on a picture, other brands and businesses begin to notice and realize why that is, and the user automatically loses their brand credibility.

Many Social Media accounts go through something called a “permanent purge” every so often to “cleanse” their platform. Users who have no activity from their followers within a certain time span, as well as those who violate the terms and conditions will automatically be removed from that platform permanently, which is another major reason why purchasing fake followers is a big NO in the Social Media world.

To Conclude

Moral of the story, if you’re struggling to gain followers on any of your Social Media accounts, remember to contact the best digital marketing company in Edmonton, the Digital Marketing Docs (DMD)!




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