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Which Social Media Platforms are most impactful for your business in Edmonton? 

There are many Social Media platforms that are used daily by millions of people around the world. The good thing about Social Media is that it connects people through its social aspect, its entertainment aspect, and of course its business aspect.

But if you’re a business in Edmonton, how exactly do you know which Social Media platforms to use to promote your business?

Well, let’s first list the most popular Social Media platforms used by businesses in Edmonton:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Linked-In
  4. Twitter

Although all these platforms have very similar uses for business, there are some things that set them apart from one another. Let’s go in depth of what each Social Media platform specializes in, and let’s see what makes them so useful for the business world.

Facebook  Marketing allows your business to:

  • Reach a specific audience by asking for detailed and specific information on who you want to reach (ex. Age, gender, relationship status, demographic etc…)
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Lower your advertising expenses through free posts
  • Join related business groups and meet people in your industry
  • Post and emphasize on both picture information as well as content information
  • Grow your followers through (paid) advertising campaigns


Instagram Marketing allows your business to:

  • Reach a specific audience
  • Post hashtags which link your posts to similar pictures/ accounts, which can help you find similar companies whom you may find beneficial to you (and vice-versa)
  • Emphasizes more on pictures rather than content (more visually appealing)
  • Organically grow through specific and related hashtags and tags


Linked-In Marketing allows your business to:

  • Appropriately grow by attracting the right audience through a more detailed search engine
  • Promote itself while also building relationships
  • Update its profile regularly in order to increase website traffic
  • Find potential employees through its “Career Page” by posting job opportunities


Twitter Marketing allows your business to:

  • Reach a specific audience mainly through the use of hashtags
  • Attract “online” tweeters, because it focuses more on “real-time updates”
  • Post a tweet through photo and/ or content that is straight to the point because each tweet published has a character limit


As you can see, the main point that all these Social Media platforms have in common is that they all attract a wide range of audience; meaning a great way to advertise your company and attract the target audience you desire. Each Social Media platform has its own unique function which sets them apart from one another.

But, if not advertised correctly, your Social Media platforms can turn into a waste of effort and time. So, if you need help managing any/all of your Social Media accounts, feel free contact Digital Marketing Docs (DMD) to receive optimal assistance with our Social Media Management (SMM) service.



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